Grown Man Style encourages you to include Africa on your travel bucket list to achieve and sustain a connection with our brothers and sisters on The Motherland. 

WATCH the GrownManStyle travel blog about Visiting Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal - West Africa.

I have created a 1 hour documentary called Sankofa which is a Spoken Word journey to become "woke" and "stay woke" with solutions to close the achievement gap for African-Americans.

Click image to learn more about Sankofa Documentary and Purchase

Watch Sankofa Documentary trailer (3 minutes 40 seconds) 

These videos discuss the Rites of Passage ritual for boys and girls. I was the chief teacher for the boys program. We took kids from Detroit to Africa back in the 1990s. My Sankofa documentary goes into more detail with video footage from the experience. 
I recently interviewed boys i took to Africa back in the 1990s to see how they are doing now and the impact the program had on their lives.
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